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Arwald Tankers And Trailers Are SABS Approved And All Trailer Are NATIS Registered. Arwald Tankers And Trailers Is Also A Certified Level 4 BEE Contributor.


You as client can bring your trailer ideas to us and we will design and manufactured a trailer to suit your needs. We do specialized tankers and trailers for a wide variety of industries with clients ranging from Afgri South Africa to the Air Force and Defense Force.

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Here at Arwald Tanker Trailers we specialise in the design and manufacture of specialised and custom-built trailers and tankers.

With over ten years’ experience in trailer and tanker manufacturing before our establishment in 2005, we’ve built a reputation on our ability to provide bespoke solutions for clients operating across a wide variety of industries.

A SABS and ARMSCOR approved trailer manufacturers, at Arwald Tanker Trailers we’ve built custom-built trailers for the Air Force, the Defence Force, the mining and fuel sectors, local municipalities as well as various farming sectors.

Custom-built trailers

At Arwald Tanker Trailers we work closely with our clients to produce sophisticated, customized tankers and trailers built to exact specifications, designed to meet their individual requirements.

Bring your ideas to us and we’ll design and manufacture a trailer that’s built to suit your needs. Whether it’s a carefully designed tool trailer or a heavy-duty bike trailer, our skilled team have the experience to undertake work on a wide variety of custom builds.

With a careful consideration of materials and design we make innovative trailers to serve a diverse range of purposes. In the past we’ve successfully built game trailers, heavy-duty flat decks, water trailers and a variety of box trailers – see our extensive online gallery for examples of our previous work.

Allowing you to undertake your daily tasks with greater efficiency, our customisable flatbed trailers come with a choice of drop sides or railings, and we’re capable of manufacturing any kind of frame. Our diesel tankers are manufactured with 500L, 1000L and 25000L capacity, and are available with either a 12v electric pump or a rotary hand pump, depending on your requirements.

Other services

As well as our custom-built trailers and tankers we also specialise in structural and decorative steel, staircases, steel plate bending, guillotine and plasma cutting services, and are able to supply a wide variety of municipal and construction machinery.

For more information about our custom-built trailers, and to discuss in requirements in further detail, contact us today – we’ll be happy to help.

Aviation Trailers

Aviation trailers from 500L to 2500L in Mild steel and stainless steel tanks with various aviation equipment on.

Diesel Trailers

Diesel trailers from 500L to 2500L in Mild steel, Stainless steel and Polyethylene tanks.


Farm Trailers

Live stock trailers, Game trailers, Hunting trailers, Tip and drop side trailers, Diesel trailers, Water trailers and Fire Fighter trailers.

Fire Trailers

Fire Fighter trailers from 500L to 5000L with High Pressure and low pressure pumps.

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High Pressure

High Pressure washers from 120Bar to 250Bar and Jetting Machines on trailer unites.

Honey Sucker

Honey Sucker trailers and Truck unites from 500L to 5000L with Mechanical and diaphragm pumps on.

General Tanks

Various horizontal, vertical and BTF tanks from Polyethylene, Mild steel and Stainless steel.

Water Trailers

Water trailers from 500L to 5000L in Mild steel and Polyethylene tank with various pumps and motors on.

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