About Us

Arwald Tanker Trailers cc specializes in the manufacturing of all Tanker Trailers, Flat Deck Trailers, Box Trailers and Generator Trailers.

We are SABS and ARMSCOR approved trailer and tanker manufacturers/builders. We build any customized trailers/tankers to your needs and specifications. You bring your needs to us; we will design and build a solution on wheels for you.

We had build Aviation tankers for the SA Air Force thru Armscor. The order was success full completed and finished in time. We delivered the tankers to Waterkloof Air Force Base in Mei 2012. At this stage we are busy manufacturing a fare amount of tankers and lime spreader trailers for Afgri SA. We also had a success full outcome with our tankers at the Air Force Expo 2012 with local and international clients.

We manufacture Diesel Tankers in 500L, 1000L & 2500L with either a 12v Electric Pump delivering 40l/min or a Rotary Hand Pump. Both pumps come complete with a 4 digit Flow meter, 4m Hose, Water Trap Filter, 4.5kg Fire Extinguisher, spare wheel, all safety stickers and Registration papers.

We do Water Tankers in 500L, 1000L & 2500L with anything from a 2″ High Volume, Low Pressure pump up to a Powerful 120Bar @ 11l/min high pressure pump. Spare wheel and Registration Incl.

Our Flat deck trailers are available from a 750kg, single axle trailer up to a 3500kg double brake axle trailer. Flat deck trailers come with your choice of drop sides, railings or any kind of frame that you want.

All our trailers are Road Worthy, Natis Registered and SABS Approved!

We also do repairs, maintenance and rebuilds on all trailers. We take pride in supplying our clients with the best quality products, expert advice and friendly, fast service!

We also stock a huge variety of Pumps, Flow Meters, Filters, Hoses, Generators, Fire Fighting Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Municipal & construction machinery.

We also have a complete structural steel side where we detail, supply, manufacture and erect any kind of structural or decorative steel you require.

We have our own bending break and guillotine for all your sheet metal requirements.


I have started the Company in 1994 and trade under my personal name. In 2005 I have registered the company as Arwald Tanker Trailers after my 2 sons was born Armand and Waldo. The name of the company were created out of their names Ar from Armand and Wald from Waldo and that’s how the company were re born as Arwald and are a proud family business today and are growing by the day.


To take our SABS approved standards and services to a higher level.