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Arwald Tankers And Trailers Are SABS Approved And All Trailer Are NATIS Registered. Arwald Tankers And Trailers Is Also A Certified Level 4 BEE Contributor.

5 uses for custom trailers

Trailers are great for commercial purposes, they’re good to tow behind bakkies and four-wheeled drive vehicles and they can be built to your individual demands. Our company hand-builds trailers to your requirements and the units we make are handy to use for a wide range of projects. Read this guide to see how out trailers make a difference in wide range of industries.

  • Fire-fighting trailer: Large water carrying trailers are the ideal equipment to use if a blaze breaks out on a remote site. You can tow the trailers to the hot spot and use the high pressure pumps and hoses that are fitted to it to extinguish the flames. Fire-fighting trailers are equipped with large tanks that can carry anywhere between 500 and 5000 litres of water.
  • Diesel trailer: If you have machinery that needs re-fuelling on a regular basis a diesel trailer transports fuel swiftly and safely across a wide range of environments. You can tow the trailer to machinery and refuel on the spot to prevent any disruption or downtime caused by the machinery being off site.
  • Water trailer: Need an emergency supply of water to a region and have to act fast? Tow a water trailer to the area and you’ll be able to provide a fresh supply of water to people to keep them going until the mains water is resumed.
  • Farm trailer: Want to move livestock around, shift feed or other farm essentials around your land and looking for a suitable means to get items from A to B? Place them on the back of one our farm trailers and use a tip or drop side unit to take care of all your farming needs.
  • Motor sport trailer: Like to race at the weekend and enjoy a little four-wheeled fun, or perhaps biking is more your cup of tea? Either way we can build a trailer that can carry your motorsport machinery and make sure it arrives at the track in perfect race mode.