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How to prevent trailer theft

Criminals will target anyone as the band ISO found out to their peril at this year’s OppiKoppi Bewilderbeast festival in South Africa. The fab four had their trailer stolen from the artists’ campsite and inside the white Venter was equipment that was valued at over R100 000.00. It can happen to the best as they say but that’s scant consultation if you have a trailer stolen, whether it contains anything or not. We hate trailer theft at Arwald so we’ve been looking at ways to keep your trailer safe.

  1. Lock it don’t lose it: Chain your trailer to a fixed anchor point when it’s not in use. This could be a metal post, the side of a building or a spike in the ground. Dig a hole if you have to, fill it with concrete and place a u-bend piece of pipe sticking up out of the concrete before it sets. This will give you a great anchor point for heavy duty chain and an industrial grade padlock.
  2. Use wheel clamps: Don’t make it easy for thieves, clamp your wheels to prevent crooks from hitching up and driving away with your trailer on their bakkie. They’ll think twice before they have a go at cutting through the clamp because of the noise it makes.
  3. Hide it away: If you have a decent sized garage or a good outbuilding put the trailer out of sight. If they can’t see the trailer there’s less chance it’ll get stolen and it could save you a ton of hassle.
  4. Fit an alarm: Even the most basic, motion-sensitive alarm will act as an early warning system. Give thieves a fright when your alarm is activated and the trailer should be where you left in the morning.
  5. Get a dog! Frighten the pants off criminals with a snarling beast. The dog doesn’t have to be ferocious though, anything will do as long as it has good hearing and can let you know if anything untoward is happening outside.