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The Arwald story began in 1994 when Frans van Staden, Owner and Founder decided he wanted to build the best custom built trailer that lasted and suitedthe client’s every need. After years of trading on his own name Arwald was finally founded in 2005, a company with strong family values and the mission to be the best trailer manufacturer in South Africa.
At Arwald we strive for exceptional quality, innovative designs and dependability in our trailers, with our huge range of Custom Built Trailers,Tankers, Farm Trailers, Livestock & Game Trailers that are built to last with the best top class materials and suspension components on the market.
We incorporate safety,top class world technology, the finest materials and engineering in a package that puts our trailers in a class of it’s own! Still today Arwald is servicing 1000’s of happy clients! With our 2000sqm workshop our client list just keeps on growing every day! Arwald Trailers is the answer to all your trailer needs…