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Arwald Tankers And Trailers Are SABS Approved And All Trailer Are NATIS Registered. Arwald Tankers And Trailers Is Also A Certified Level 4 BEE Contributor.

Top towing tips

Most of our customers are fairly experienced at towing trailers but we do get the odd ‘newbie’ ordering units from Arwald from time to time. So we thought it might not be a bad idea to write an article on towing trailers to clear up any misunderstandings our customers might have. Read this blog for tips that should keep you safe and within the law whenever you tow anything behind your vehicle.

  • Stick to the recommended weight: Check the towing weight of the trailer. The loaded weight of the trailer mustn’t overload your car, bakkie or 4×4. Don’t be tempted to overload the trailer just because you have plenty of room. Take a look in the vehicle’s handbook if you’re not sure, that should tell you the maximum towing weight allowed.
  • Check your vehicle: Is your car or bakkie in good general condition and capable of towing a trailer? Is the engine powerful enough, will the suspension be able to cope with the strain and do the tyres have plenty of tread? Don’t attempt to tow anything unless your vehicle is mechanically sound, it could be an accident waiting to happen.
  • What’s the view like? Can you see clearly behind you once the trailer is hitched? Look in the driver and passenger door mirrors. Will you be able to see traffic behind you when you are out on the road? If not, think about fitting extending side mirrors that improve your field of vision.
  • Make sure lights are working: Before you set off towing a trailer do a physical check of the unit. Double check the towing arm to make sure it’s hitched correctly, check tyre pressures and test brake lights, rear lights and indicators so vehicles behind can see when you are slowing down, stopping or changing direction.
  • Drive safely: Stick to a sensible speed when you are towing, remember, that extra weight will hinder your stopping ability. Be courteous with other road users, get used to towing gradually and you’ll soon become a bit of an expert!