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Arwald Tankers And Trailers Are SABS Approved And All Trailer Are NATIS Registered. Arwald Tankers And Trailers Is Also A Certified Level 4 BEE Contributor.

What Does it Mean to be SABS Approved?

The South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) is a statutory body that was established in line with the terms of the Standards Act 1945, and continues to operate in line with the latest edition of the Standards Act 2008. SABS is the national standardisation institution which is mandated to develop, promote and maintain South African National Standards, as well as promoting quality in connection with commodities, products and services.

Recent changes in global trade flow have improved the role of quality and standards in economic development. There is now a reduced demand for South African exports to traditional trading partners such as the European Union and the USA. South Africa now has more opportunities to focus on its emerging economies and improving trade with the African continent.

In order to achieve this there needs to be a relevant set of standards that promote access to markets as well as protecting local industries from low quality, cheap imports. SABS assists manufacturers by providing standards and conformity assessment services that enable the economy to function efficiently.

Some of the core values of SABS include impartiality, innovation, accountability, integrity, quality, and customer-centricity. Here at Arwald we are fully approved by SABS. This means that they have assessed our manufacturing methods, where we source our materials from, and the industries that we serve, and they have deemed that we are an excellent quality manufacturer and supplier actively working to improve the South African economy.