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Arwald Tankers And Trailers Are SABS Approved And All Trailer Are NATIS Registered. Arwald Tankers And Trailers Is Also A Certified Level 4 BEE Contributor.

What to pack in a camping trailer

Our trailers are perfect for camping and we’d be delighted to custom make you the perfect unit for outdoor adventures at Arwald. What would you put inside the trailer though? Read this blog for advice.

  • Tent: You need shelter for outdoor adventures and a tent is the ideal option for a night under the stars. Tents come in all shapes and sizes ranging from small single-man pop-up versions to massive multi-compartment options that can comfortably house anywhere up to 12 people.
  • Sleeping bags: Erect your tent and you need somewhere cosy to rest your head at night. Snuggle inside a sleeping bag and you can drift off to sleep listening to the sounds of the outback.
  • Airbeds: To improve your sleeping arrangements think about investing in air beds or cot beds to lay sleeping bags on. They raise you off the floor and provide a comfy setting.
  • Stove: You’ll get hungry at some point when you are camping so pack a potable stove and you can rustle up meals in minutes.
  • Cookware: To prepare meals with.
  • Melamine set: Somewhere to put the food.
  • Folding table and chairs: A place to eat meals.
  • Water carrier: A plastic water carrier is useful when you are camping, fill it before you leave and you’ll have something to boil when you pitch up for the night.
  • Torches and lanterns: Stay in a remote area and you’ll need lanterns to light up the tent and torches to see where you are going outside.
  • First aid kit: Just in case!
  • Groceries: Tins of food, packets of pasta and easy-to-cook items will ensure you don’t go hungry on your camping trip.
  • Clothing: Dress appropriately for the weather conditions.
  • Toiletries: Pack toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shower gels and deodorants plus any medication that you need. Add toilet rolls to the list as well, you never know where you’ll end up camping for the night and there might not always be ablutions available. Seasoned campers take their own shovel to make a bio-toilet in the wilderness. Or you could just book into a camp site instead!